NBA 2K20 flooded with negative reviews on Steam

NBA 2K20 MT Coins NBA 2K20 debuted on the market a few days ago and unfortunately did not meet with enthusiastic reception from players or at least those who bought their copy dedicated to computers. Immediately after the premiere the game on Steam was flooded with a wave of negative reviews of which only 17% of the reviews were fully positive at first. What did the players not like? Well it’s mainly about the issue of available micropayments which were the object of hate even before the release of the latest installment of the basketball series.

After the first NBA weekend 2K20 landed on the 1st place in the list of sales of physical game releases so 3 items higher than last year’s edition. Nevertheless in terms of the number of units sold 2K19 was higher by nearly a third which went to customers.

It is worth noting that in the case of the PC version a number of cheap NBA 2K20 MT other things may affect the reception such as problems with smoothness or game errors. While a large proportion of fans were critical of NBA 2K20 the media has been writing about production in their reviews. Experts praise among others gameplay mechanisms and graphic design pleasing to the eye including more realistic compared to the predecessor players’ behavior or improved physics. Of course not all reviewers are satisfied with the Visual Concepts project. For example representatives of Cheat Code Central and IGN also did not like the exaggerated microtransaction system which is supposed to pour out of the MyTeam mode.

This is the reason for the heated discussion that has started on the Internet even after a large range of NBA 2K20 ratings in the reviews flowing into the network. However can attempts to get extra money in the game itself negatively affect its sale when it basically has no competition? According to the latest sales list results straight from the UK.

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